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R / W / P

Reading / Writing / Phonics

The children at Gonville benefit from a creative approach to English, inspired by their Curriculum Experience. Lessons are planned to develop writing skills within the IPC unit, but there are also plenty of opportunities for independent, sustained writing through our use of Talk for Writing. This ensures that the children have the chance to apply the skills that they have learnt and receive meaningful feedback from their teacher about how they are progressing. We plan opportunities for children to self-assess their work and peer-assess the work of others. This focuses the children on the key characteristics of effective writing for their age.

Within our English lessons, reading is also crucial. We endeavour to use exciting and relevant texts in a range of genres to enrich the children’s learning.  We also have two libraries, EYFS/KS1 and KS2 where children can exchange books on a weekly basis along with well stocked classroom book corners. We follow the Oxford Reading Tree scheme and every child has the opportunity to progress through the different texts. Throughout Early Years and Key Stage 1 we also use ‘Letters and Sounds’ to develop the children’s use of spelling and preparation for the Year 1 phonics check. It is the aim of every teacher at Gonville to ensure that their class enjoy reading, writing and responding to texts, whilst raising standards for every pupil. Guided Reading sessions take place on a daily basis, from Year 1 to Year 6, using the Project X Guided Reading scheme. In KS2 classes there is a weekly taught reading comprehension lesson, with texts matched to ability levels within the class and linked to the current Discovery Time unit. The Lexia reading programme, Rapid Reading intervention and 1:1 reading are also in place for children who need additional support with reading. Children are also expected to read at home on a daily basis, and have their reading record signed.