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Gonville Academy School Sports Impact Report 2014 – 2015

What   is the Sports Premium?
The government has provided £150   million per year for the academic years 2013 / 2014 and 2014 / 2015 to   increase funding for school sports. The funding has been jointly provided by   the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport. The money   goes directly to Headteachers to enable them to improve the quality of PE and   sport for all children. Each school receives £8,000 plus £5 per pupil per   year. At Gonville Academy, this means we will receive approximately £10, 625 per   year. Schools must spend this on improving their sports and PE provision, but   can choose how to do this.
Number of pupils on roll (as   of September 2015): 525
Basic grant: £8,000
Additional amount per pupil£5 x 525 £2, 625
Total grant received): £10, 625
Our   main objectives:
Gonville Academy is   a Healthy School and we aim to provide a range of sporting opportunities for   our children. Our aspiration is to provide high quality sports education for   all of our students, improving their health and fitness and promoting an   inclusive ethos, where all students enjoy participating in sporting   activities. We provide a wide range of sporting activities to students,   including competitive sports events, and have specialist staff who support us   in delivering this provision.
Our Sports Grant will be used to:
  •   conduct an audit of current sports provision and student   participation;
  •   increase the participation of students in school tournaments,   including activities across the STEP Academy Trust;
  •   purchase new sports equipment to support the teaching of PE;
  •   develop the practice of current teachers in the teaching of PE and   healthy lifestyles;
  •   create opportunities for Gifted and Talented pupils to develop their   skills at a higher level;
  •   increase the number of before and after school sporting clubs on   offer;
  •   develop partnership between sports coaches across the STEP Academy   Trust, in order to share good practice and improve provision.


Record of Sports Grant spending 2014 – 2015
We will record   impact by:

  •   tracking the number of students who participate in sports programmes;
  •   carrying out pupil surveys;
  •   recording the extra-curricular opportunities provided for sporting   activities.