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At Gonville Academy we want to ensure that our pupils receive every opportunity available for them to achieve their full potential. We consider good attendance to be 97% and above.  In order to gain the most from school, children need to attend regularly. When children miss lessons, due to absence, it has a negative impact on their progress.

Being regularly late for school:

  • Gives children the message that school is not  important and results in an unhealthy attitude towards school.
  • Parents give the message that they do not value education.
  • If your child is late for school, this will interrupt the learning of others and often children miss the valuable teaching introduction to a  lesson, which may result in them struggling to keep up.  Parents should note that the school does not grant holiday leave during term time.

Any child arriving later than 9am is requested to enter the Academy via the main the Office/Reception.  All parents/carers must accompany their child to the office. Your child will be marked as late.

In the case of persistent lateness, the parent/carer will be invited to meet with the  Attendance Officer, Heads of School or Educational Welfare Officer to seek a resolution.

School finishes at 3:15pm. A late collection fee will be levied if you pick your child up from the office after 3.30pm.

Please see the STEP Attendance policy below:

Tips for Improving Attendance

School starts at  8.50am, tell your child what time you will be waking them up. Praise them for their efforts!

  • If your child complains about being ill , such as a headache, sore throat, pains in the belly, do your best to remedy the problem and send them to school.  Tell the teacher and your child will be monitored throughout the day. We have found that once a child goes to school the problem soon disappears!  Of course if your child has a contagious illness, diarrhoea or vomiting this would require that you child stays off school for the required quarantine period (48hours after the last bout)
  • Contact the school before 9.30am on the first day of your child’s absence and every day thereafter stating clearly their NAME , CLASS and reason for absence.  Tel: 020 8684 4006 (option 1 )
  • Notify the school, preferably in writing, copy of appointment letter or  by email, well in advance of any medical appointments.
  • We do not authorise term time holidays as they disrupt children’s learning. Parents requesting leave of absence should in the first  instance contact the Attendance Officer, Mrs. Powell at the school office.

What absence will be authorised?

  • Sickness
  • Medical or dental appointments (wherever possible these should be arranged outside of school hours)
  • Exceptional family circumstances
  • School exams and interviews


What absence will not be authorised?

  • Term time leave, if your child has an attendance of less than 95% over the past last 2 years (Please request an Attendance Policy from  the office for more information)
  • The family has overslept or had a late night
  • Parent/Carer not well. Alternative arrangements should be made
  • There are problems with clothing or footwear
  • You have forgotten school dates
  • Annual family event, such as a birthday
  • Taking your child shopping
  • Snowing, but the school is still open
  • A sibling, parent or carer has an appointment
  • Problem with your car
  • No reason given for absence despite text requests
  • Shopping
  • Birthdays
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