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At Gonville Academy we believe in quality teaching and learning. We aim for our children to participate in a creative curriculum which engages their imagination and encourages the next steps in their learning. We plan our subjects through topics from the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Each topic takes appropriate objectives from the National Curriculum which are then taught creatively to make even the most abstract of ideas real to the children. Each topic starts with an exciting start to ‘hook’ the children into their new learning and ends with a purposeful outcome. Throughout the topic, children are encouraged to think about what they are learning, why they are learning it and how they will be able to apply these new skills in a meaningful context. The creativity is backed up by a rigorous set of basic skills such as times tables and spelling patterns which are taught in every year. This ensures that the curriculum has balance and rigor.

Children work in a variety of ways: as a class, in groups, pairs or individually. The emphasis is always on active and meaningful involvement of children in their own learning. All children have regular opportunities to engage in musical and creative activities. In addition, the curriculum has a strong international focus. As such, our Academy has developed numerous links with partner schools and organisations abroad.

“The curriculum or ‘Discovery Time’ is having a marked effect on pupils’ engagement and enjoyment of learning, and…an impact on the progress they are making.” Ofsted.

Our curriculum encourages the well-being of the whole child, and we foster an environment where the academic, social, cultural, spiritual and physical development of each child is valued.

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