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At Gonville Academy we take a mastery approach to the teaching of mathematics. The fundamental principle is that all children can be successful at mathematics when given high quality instruction and meaningful support. Children progress through learning at broadly the same pace, with opportunities for faster graspers to increase their understanding through exploring each area of the curriculum in depth. We want to ensure that all children have a solid understanding of the subject: the ability to solve a calculation is not enough; children must be able to demonstrate and articulate their understanding of the mathematical concept. We do this by:

*         breaking down each part of the curriculum into small steps to support understanding of key concepts

*         planning each lesson so that it builds on the previous one to ensure continuous progression

*         using concrete materials and a range of visual representations - in all year groups - to scaffold learning

*         including problem solving and reasoning skills into all lessons.

Through this approach, we believe that we are providing our children with the knowledge and skills necessary to study more complex mathematics at secondary school and beyond. We also believe that by giving the children this fundamental grasp of mathematics, we are providing them with valuable life skills.

Please explore our mathematics planning documents for more information about what and how we teach at Gonville Academy.

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